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Our Stories / Veer Bahadur singh

Bridging Worlds for a Greener Tomorrow

Born in the tranquil hills of Chhindwara, Veer's journey took him from rural serenity to the bustling streets of New Delhi.

Driven by a passion for sustainable technology, he became an advocate for renewable energy, bridging the gap between urban electricity demands and serene village living. His inspiring path stands as a testament to the determination and a commitment to a greener world

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Khare Energy is my "Family"

Shweta Dwivedi - Having completed her education up to 12th grade in Akbarpur and later obtaining a B.Tech degree from Lucknow in 2019, Shweta shares that although she had the degree, she lacked ...

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Skills Overcame Illiteracy

Premanarayan Kori, hailing from Khargapur, Tikamgarh, faced economic struggles, juggling various jobs - sometimes sewing, sometimes labor, and at times working in a bidi (cigarette) factory.

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Guiding Values: Ajanta Moitra's Leadership at Khare Energy

In India's legacy, women have excelled in managing households and balancing resources.

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Pressing Forward: From Ironing Clothes to Family's Iron Man

In Khargapur, Suman Rajak's life was a journey marked by struggle. Losing his father early, he cared for his sisters through ironing clothes.